Our Philosophy

"We cannot choose between [economic] growth and sustainability – we must have both"

In our view, real estate development is not just about creating more space; it is about making more of what we create and making most of what already exists whilst maintaining a good balance between function and profitability. Our commitment is to create sustainable buildings of quality that will retain their value and also represent positive business cases for their users, investors and stakeholders. By our commitment to creating more of what we make, we encourage a constant process of improvement. With this commitment, we will continue to refer to the IGBC and the LEED rating systems in order to benchmark our success. This includes integration of development, design, construction, operations, resource utilization and community involvement.

Through our sustainable residential and hospitality development, Panvel is committed to caring for and enhancing the astonishing environments we are so privileged to steward, that we ourselves are guests wherever we may go.