Core Competencies

Extensive experience in construction management, general contracting, and construction administration allows us to provide cost-effective, quality and state-of-the-art solutions to meet the needs of our clients and the shifting trends of the market.When we consider building a new project, we approach it in a very personal way. Design is our passion. Whether it is an urban mixed-use project or a more relaxed hospitality project, there is an unfaltering attention to detail from every inch of the floor plan to every material selection.

 Land Acquisitions
The Directors of Panvel has nearly 30 years of experience in facilitating land acquisition and management services throughout Gujarat.Deep understanding and creative talent for land development processes has allowed us to successfully bring projects through acquisition, approval, and site improvement. Identifying the best suitable locations for different types of projects in line with customer's strategy and expectation is always taken care by the group management.

Marketing Operation
Through continuous optimization of business structure ratio, Panvel has not only become the creators of the project value, but also it is worthy of the beneficiaries. A solid operations management team is a key to the success of a real estate project from both a clients and investor viewpoint. From client relations to security, maintenance and overall visual impact, each detail is executed and monitored by the management team.

 Operations/Property Management
Our basic operational model is that if we help people create a home for themselves they will feel at home – and in turn we become part of their lives. More specifically, we are committed to in depth investments in technology, marketing, accounting and finance, training, staffing, recruiting, risk management, revenue management and asset management. We provide responsive, proactive management services that enhance each property's distinctive style, its working environment, and its value. We are always focused on building long term relationships with tenants and clients.

 Resource Integration
By leveraging the company's in-depth understanding of the commercial real-estate development trends and by way of continuous innovation of our business model, Panvel has made an industry breakthrough. We've replaced the single-project operation model with a scaled, cost-effective, chain operation model that has provided us with significant competitive advantage, one that has allowed us to realize marked increases in project values and profitability. Panvel, as expert integrator of resources, continues to grow the company influence over the market, attracting numerous extensive cooperative partners eager to benefit from our approach.